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Lakers guaranteed the 2012 NBA title already? No way!

Book it. It’s over. There is no need for the 2012 season even if the lockout ended right now. "Win it all," Artest said when asked what will the Lakers do in the 2011-2012 season. "Win the whole thing. That’s a guarantee.” Wow. Interesting. And here we go again. Why must you do this? And why must some of Laker Nation have to front run so much? Why? Dallas Mavericks dominating the Lakers was not enough? You were not entertained?

I understand if the Lakers came off winning a title and Kobe Bryant says that. Hey, we’ll see. Always leave it to your absolute best player to say that. When Magic Johnson said something similar at the championship parade before winning the next title, it was cool because Magic Johnson and James Worthy were in their primes. Michael Cooper was still around. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was a walking corpse, but still useful as a decoy. 
Ron Artest (excuse me Metta World Peace) is good, albeit falling off, but still good strictly as a defender. He is obviously not the best player because Metta is actually fighting for 3rd place against Bynum. Let the trolling, which is the most overused word on the Internet next to “epic,” commence! I see you, play boy! Here are some of the messages from anonymous posters followed by my responses :
“I think the Lakers are favorites.”
“We are NOT done. We won it all in 2009 and 2010. We had an off year and were run down from 3 STRAIGHT trips to the Finals.”
Interesting. So? That’s the past. Great accomplishments, but let’s focus on the current stuff.
“lol, lakers still have a better team than the mavs”
Que? Mavs just dominated Kobe’s Lakers though. 
“Kobe doesn’t need to make a guarantee, I’m pretty sure he goes into every season with the mentality that he’s going to win it all. He’s very secure about that.”
Damn bro. Did you sniff Kobe’s jock strap, too?
“I think Lakers winning or not has a lot to be with Kobe. If Kobe plays like last year, no way. 2010 Kobe? I’d say the Lakers and Heat are the favorites next season.”
2010 Kobe? It’s 2011 going on 2012. 
“People talking about their coaching situation needs to realize that Messina is one of the, if not the best coach in the world. On paper, Brown is the head coach, but there is a reason he was the one who flew to Europe to learn from Messina, and not the other way. Messina is a basketball genius, and a great motivator on top of that, he’s the main reason why i think theLakers will be back, and can’t wait for a rematch with us (Mavs).   Should be a 7 game series this time. You can’t count those guys out.”
Messina as the best coach in the world? Who was Phil Jackson then? Colonel Sanders?
“I love how the Lakers never get the benefit.”
LOL Que? Did you just started following basketball now? Whoa. Lakers usually get benefits. 
“Honestly a lot of you guys are forgetting that If the Lakers actually got a real point guard we would easily be the favorites to win the championship.”
Okay, okay. I buy that. Derek Fisher is washed up. The Lakers are aiming for Chris Paul, right? How is that working out?
“I thikn Ron is putting himself in a win win situation. If there is a season, even if the lakers don’t win the title, he’ll be happy as hell to have an NBA season in the first place. If there is no NBA season he can’t be proven wrong.”
What the. I don’t even. 
Look, Kobe’s Lakers have a shot. Just not a good one. I wouldn’t bet on them. Seriously. 
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