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How Dangerous is Blake Griffin?

I’m not talking about Javaris Crittenton dangerous. It’s more like “scary player can dominate the NBA like Jordan” dangerous. The kid right now is already in many people’s top ten lists. Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Tim Duncan, and Shawn Kemp were not THIS explosive. They were not this good early in their careers. Griffin is so good that I had to acknowledge that he might be a future triple double factory in this piece. Seriously, how great can this kid get without factoring in injuries like he sustained in his first year?


We hope, for the fans of Clipper Nation, that he does not end up like Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway. He is one more career threatening injury away from becoming just that. That can be applied to every player in the NBA so let’s move on and not think about it. Clipper Nation has gone through two decades worth of bullshit losing and Donald Sterling. At least now, they have a human basketball blockbuster to distract them from that shit. The Clippers had Dominique Wilkins once in 1994, but he was not young and dangerous compared to his early years in Atlanta. 
The 2011 Rookie of the Year amassed 22.5 points, 12.1 rebounds, and 3.8 assists. That’s a fast start starting all 82 games. There is not much to say about his dunk highlights. Griffin is a factory of awesome packing power behind the jams.
The guy gets a bit too reckless with his dunks. We need less of that. He’ll need to cool it to prolong his career. 
No lamenting about how the Clippers are perennial losers, Donald Sterling is Donald Sterling, or Blake leaving when his rookie contract is up. Save it. We’ve heard enough. We have not heard enough about how great Griffin can be. 
He has the tools to be the best power forward of all time. Yep. The Griffin can be better than Tim Duncan. That’s been said about players over the years that had the skills, but did not fulfill the potential. I’m not sure if we can apply it to Blake, but we’ll have to see. Currently, people are scratching their heads at this phenomenon analyzing his game just like Derrick Rose. Young players being damn good rivaling veteran all stars or just being just as great as current superstars. The NBA does not see these types of players often. 
The weaknesses are easy to point out and I’m pretty sure they have been highlighted ad nauseam, but for those who still do not have a clue, here they are: defense and jump shot. 
That is all. They’re simple yet highly effective stuff. He doesn’t body his man very well, rotates late, and has to do a better job at contesting shots. The effort is there. That’s a good step in the right direction. If anything, just do not be like Carlos Boozer. Blake Griffin fan boys have nothing to worry about because they are not going to see that. Boozer is the worst offender because he does not try at all. Sometimes he just stands there frozen, like a chair, on defense. Yeesh. 
Get that jump shot down like Karl Malone and Charles Barkley used to do it and we’re talking about a 6+ point increase each game. Get better at the line and we’re looking at a perennial 30+ points per game scorer. 
Most Valuable Player candidate? Yep. Absolutely. Will he actually get it? We’ll see. The team has to win 58+ games. Is that possible with the team now? Nope. 
Just enjoy Blake Griffin’s dunk adventures. He is as great as he wants to be. Becoming the NBA’s number one power forward is within reach. 
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