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Tracy McGrady’s NBA Legacy – When was he ever underrated?

I’m laughing at the notion. Actually, everyone should be laughing because when the hell was Tracy McGrady ever underrated? We’re not talking about Mark Aguirre underrated here. Aguirre never made all NBA First teams and never averaged 32.1 points per game for a season. McGrady retired two years ago and the T-Mac today is nothing but a rusty old aging robot for the Detroit Pistons. I’m trying to give the idea a thought – was McGrady underrated at any point in his career? 

Nope. Nada. Zilch. I’m trying to entertain the thought and can’t think of anything. Seriously? Underrated? If anything, he was highly rated during his run. McGrady is a back to back NBA scoring champion with 32.1 points in 2002-2003 and 28.0 points in 2003-2004. He was arguably better than Kobe Bryant during these two years. Tracy also had multiple 24+ points per game seasons and led the NBA in Player Efficiency Rating with 30.3 in 2002-2003. 
So where was he ever underrated? He was acknowledged by making two All NBA first teams, three All NBA second teams, two All NBA third teams, and seven All Star games. The Chicago Bulls tried to trade away a top 50 Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen for T-Mac. Look at those facts. Examine it. Analyze them. If you’re still standing there claiming this then your basketball fan card needs to be revoked immediately. McGrady got plenty of props. I do not understand it. It’s illogical. Underrated? He is what he is; a great player who never got past the first round. 
13 points in 35 seconds against the San Antonio Spurs. That’s the greatest comeback in NBA history.
Kobe can’t do that. Jordan never did that. Hell, no one did except McGrady.  When he is 100% healthy, he’s better than his cousin, Vince Carter. On that note, it was a good move that Tracy left to Orlando leaving his cousin behind in Toronto. The McGrady and Carter duo would not have worked because they would have missed too many games. 
People claimed that he is a natural at basketball. What the hell does that even mean? Tracy is naturally aspirated at basketball? What? I don’t get it. He picked up a basketball and knew what to do with it beginning at day one? This isn’t the film “The Natural” featuring Robert Redford. Why do people buy into that?  Tracy is good. That’s it. If he truly bought in to that hype then McGrady probably did not have hardcore work ethic and that was evident when he was publically criticized by former coach Jeff Van Gundy.  
Regardless, he was still damn good though. If he (T-Mac from 2002-2007) paired up with another great top 10 durable perimeter player then who knows what he could have accomplished. Vince Carter was not durable. Houston tried to mimic Kobe and Shaq with Yao Ming, but that obviously did not work because both men were constantly injured. Another one who was a victim to the nasty injury bug, but it was not as bad as Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway. 
Was Tracy McGrady underrated? Nope. Here is a better question – Is he a Hall of Famer?  


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