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I don’t know when the NBA lockout will end. No one knows. People claim to have insiders in the negotiations, but they do not really know crap. The summer has been dry with barely any news. I’m sitting here listening to Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” and realized that the NBA is in deep shit if the season is lost. Major League Baseball took years to get back to where they are now. Hockey is trying hard to get back. I do respect that the NBA is keeping their negotiation details quiet unlike the NFL. It pays to be silent. 

4. Mookie Blaylock
The numbers: 13.5 pts, 4.1 rebs, 6.7 asts, 2.3 stls
He is dubbed as “mini Jordan” because he looks like Mike yet their games are nothing alike. Blaylock played most of his days as an Atlanta Hawk. He was literally a ball hawk averaging 2.3 steals for a career. He was an All Star in 1994, two-time All Defense first team, four-time All Defense second team, and maintained a low turnover average of 2.3. Mookie was a defensive stalwart. Blaylock is almost as good as Gary Payton defensively. He also embodied the true spirit of the early 1990s because grunge loved him especially Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder’s band was called “Mookie Blaylock” before the name change. I think they loved his name, but they chose the right guy because he was really good. According to Jeff Ament, the manager chose the name and the band went with it. Grunge rock owes something to Mookie. Much respect!
3. Kevin Johnson
The numbers: 17.9 pts, 3.3 rebs, 9.1 asts, FG .493
KJ was very important in getting the Phoenix Suns to the 1993 Finals. Healthy Kevin Johnson was 20 points and 10 assists every night. He shot nearly 50 percent for a career. Johnson was a smart shot taker to accumulate that average. Unfortunately, KJ was considered soft because the injuries piled up. Despite that, Kevin was a three-time All Star, four time All NBA second team, and one time All NBA third team. People forget that Johnson was explosive regarded as a prolific dunker. He is not Derrick Rose explosive, but Kevin did dunk on Hakeem Olajuwon in the playoffs. He also made Hot Rod Williams his personal pony, word to Ginuwine. If he was durable, KJ would have been competing with Gary Payton, John Stockton, and Jason Kidd for the league’s best point guard. 
2. Mark Jackson 
The numbers: 9.6 points, 3.8 rebs, 8.0 asts, 1.2 stls
This mad led the league in assists with a 11.4 average in 1996-1997 and still did not get an All Star selection or any All NBA selection. Wow. Disrespect. In fact, Action Jackson never made any All-NBA teams. However, he did make the 1989 All Star team. Big whoop. Seriously? That’s it? If you examine his seasons, Jackson is usually in the top ten in assists. He is a true floor general, but had a broken jump shot. He is the current number three in career assists. Mark also abused the post up game taking awhile to back his man down. The NBA had to curb down the time because of him. Despite having that, it is a damn shame that Jackson did not get a ring to balance things out. People need to give him props for not crying like a little bitch after being dunked on by Ton Chambers and getting disrespected through his career. 
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