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The MOST Underrated Player from the 1990s. Who is this guy?

It’s tough being quiet. Most of the time, you just do not think you need to say anything. It’s hard work to move the mouth to talk. Actions say more. In reality, we want to be recognized. We want the credit. Once we speak up, people feel that we’re douche bags. That is why it is better not to comment, but we choose to speak when necessary. 

The most underrated NBA player from the 1990s resides here. The Rock spent most of his time in Sacramento perhaps remaining the franchise’s best player ever. It is interesting that he never left Sacramento throughout his peak years after Golden State’s Run TMC. The temptation to leave for a better team must have been tough during free agency. He could have been a dick and demand a trade like some superstars today when the team is bad and does not have any hope to reach the NBA Finals. Richmond still remained. Good thing he did not leave because he won a ring anyway with the Los Angeles Lakers even though his game was trash during that year. In national sports news, Mitch was barely mentioned. It was not until the Kings played your team then the commentators bring him up.
He was not explosive. He was not athletic. He was not marketable. Instead, Richmond quietly got buckets and left the building without thumping his chest. The Rock is the antithesis to the rock superstar player. Watch the film “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy. In the film, Tommy did not ask for anything. He did not want anything. He lived poor, but trained hard living in the darkness. Tom did not get any credit yet did the right thing regardless. When it was time to fight, he beat that ass and left quickly. Richmond is similar in that way. 
The numbers: 21 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 1.2 steals
Playing in a small market has its’ benefits because once the player fucks up, no one pays attention. The negative effect is the player is not heard if he does well. The same goes Mark Aguirre when he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks. Shout outs to The Rock for draining jumper after jumper staying focused becoming a six time All Star, All NBA second team three times, All NBA third team two times, and 1995 NBA All Star game MVP. He is the model of consistency averaging 21+ points for ten straight seasons in a tough defensive era. Even Michael Jordan gave him props when MJ rarely does that. People forget that in addition to slashing to the hoop, Richmond was also defensively sound so he wasn’t just simply a jump shooter and he usually converted above 80 percent at the free throw line. 
Mitch’s jump shot is poetry in motion. People still argue that his form is better than Ray Allen’s. And on that note, Richmond is not Mike. He is not Dominique Wilkins. He is not Clyde Drexler. Mitch was not flashy. He was not a showman. He just did his thing. Remember the film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?” During the chase, they kept on saying “Who are those guys?” That’s what I catch myself saying sometimes when the Kings played. “Who is this guy?”
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