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Who is at fault for this lockout?

Derrick Rose recently said that the current NBA lockout is “not our fault.” That makes sense. He is a player. He is a part of the Player’s Union. Captain Obvious is obvious. Why would he state something that does not need to be said? It’s not just Rose, but for the rest of the players. This generic statement is an easy statement to make. We understand the need to put blame on someone. Someone has to go down. Upon further examination, is the blame truly on the owners? 

Hey. I understand. It is tough to listen to bullshit because it does not translate to actual NBA basketball action. As fans, we rather watch bullshit on the court than off it. Instead, we see players stand united for their money. That’s fine. 
The current Detroit Piston Ben Gordon said something that shocked me as he believes that the lockout can last two years. That’s something worth quoting than Rose’s “not our fault.” Now why would Gordon make such a bold statement? What does he know? Does Ben have a crystal ball? Fans should not care about Gordon’s statement because the league will survive even after 2 years of no basketball. If you are reading this, you are a diehard fan. You will not leave although the casual fan will disappear. And that is something the league does not want, but too bad so sad. This is going to hurt.
Don’t worry. It’s for the best. 
The owners wanted a hard cap then withdrew it. Now it’s back on and it probably isn’t. Then which is it? Whatever it is, I don’t get it and I’m scared. Seriously, what is going on? The basketball related income percentage is stuck at 50/50, but owners also want $350 million off the top. The player’s union claims that percentage is not a true 50/50. Instead, they are aiming for 53/47. The players budged a bit more down to 52.5 I last read. The BRI has made a lot of steam in the news recently. The smart fans know that there are more issues underneath this BRI nonsense such as franchise tag, 2 more years added to the rookie deal, and other demands that have not been mentioned.
Can we blame owners? Nope. 
They want big profits since they are taking the financial risks. Have you noticed the teams that are being sold? Have you noticed the Sacramento Kings dilemma? I cannot blame owners for demanding a hard cap. Their teams need a shot to stay highly competitive. 
The players do not take any risk. They are not funding a team. They just play. Don’t bring up relocation at any time when they get traded, long nights on the road, and distance away from family. Money fixes many things. The players get plenty except the low tier guys. They low tier players are the ones who should be angry. 
Dwyane Wade claimed that not every team needs to be competitive. Excuse me?
My reaction was like finding a one dollar bill amongst my out dated food stamps unlike P.Diddy there. 
Hey Wade, that is not how the NFL and NHL work. When a big market team loses in the NBA, they still manage to make profit. When a small market team loses, they do not make much, star players leave, and free agents do not want to play there ever again. 
Think about that. 
The players dismiss this and claim that the lockout is not their fault. I disagree. It’s a management problem to an extent. The players are 50 percent at fault, too. They do not want to accept the idea of a hard cap because it would probably eliminate the NBA’s middle class players. I say “probably” since we truly do not know. We have not seen the hard cap in the NBA so there is no need to write up stuff about how salaries do not have direct correlation with winning. Face palm! I smell floaters that have been sitting in the toilet over night or just big market fans worrying. 
The player’s union claims that the current system is not broken. 
Tell that to the Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and Toronto Raptors. They’ll love you. 
I do not care where you stand whether you are pro-player, pro-management, or simply sitting quietly. A hard cap desperately needs to be in place when the NBA comes back because the current system is broken. By the way, the owners look bad by having a "take it or leave it" mentality. Calm down, guys. Coming with that approach will get the other side angry. Talks break off. I can’t blame the players either.   
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