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Drew vs. Goodman League – John Wall vs. James Harden

The main event game took place at Cal State Long Beach in Long Beach, California. The game did not take place in Los Angeles. People need to get that right. The celebrity game started off the night on a low note. I did not think it could get any lower until these no name rap groups came out to perform. It was a blood bath. No, no one killed anyone. When I say blood bath, I meant they killed my ears. They were dancing and singing for the crowd, but the crowd just did not give a damn. Shout outs to performing with heart and the silent awkwardness that followed.

The build up to the main event was weird. They played some good rap music, but no one was on the court dunking to it. People were flocking over to a certain side of the court and taking pictures. I asked around why dudes were hyped. Someone said that Nick Cannon is over there. Say what? Nick Cannon? Okay, cool. He has fans. I still don’t get it though. You guys are grown ass men getting wet over Nick Cannon. Wow. It’s just interesting stuff.

I understand getting hyped when John Wall and Kevin Durant made their entrance. That is the signal to start The Big Payback especially without any NBA league action going on.This is all we have right now. It’s on. My body is ready. Matt Barnes, DeMar DeRozan, Michael Beasley, Trevor Ariza, James Harden, JaVale McGee, and Brandon Jennings were the other notable names. Baron Davis made a cameo appearance. He should have played considering that he cannot afford to get fat and get trolled by Donald Sterling. Baron appeared to give props and watch the game. That’s it? Damn. Boo that man!

Before the game started, the MC was talking about how the NBA players deserved their money during the lockout negotiations. I didn’t care. They are in the 1% bracket. Who cares? While they’re standing there asking for support, just think at that moment, they are still multi-millionaires. They are still filthy rich right now including the middle tier guys. Trying to get cheap sympathy will not work, amigos.

Back to the game, it started off like the charity game. Yep, it started off like trash. Those guys were turning the ball over, barely handling the rock, missing layups, and having a difficult time running back and forth. The crowd started to boo. The players started to pick up the game faster because of the boos.That’s when it got good. You can tell that half of these guys were out of shape missing easy baskets and not getting back quickly.

There were highlight plays such as John Wall’s 360 layup, dunks, and speed bursts. He was the only one on point. Kevin Durant had some dunks, but the majority of his game revolved around jump shots. He would drive sometimes then stop and pull up for a jump shot. James Harden, on the other hand, just knew how to get cheap baskets whether it’s at the line or lay ups.Wall and Harden went back and forth. I give it to John because he was a highlight machine with that speed. The only thing that stood out about Harden is his beard.

Here are some exclusive videos I captured.

John Wall's dunk woke up the crowd. 

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