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Drew vs. Goodman League at CSULB – The Final Thought

The half time show was ass. Three kids were dancing around shouting through the speakers. If they were good, we couldn’t tell because the sound check guys did not do their jobs. There was too much feed back. I cannot understand what they were saying. The kids looked more like ravers on drugs dancing around with decorative clothes and back packs. They claimed that swag is dead, but their sign is messed up. It reads “Swag is dead.” A slash mark crosses the sentence. Does that mean that swag is not dead? They meant to say “Swag.” A slash mark crossing that word makes sense. No one was amused. Swag itself was not amused.

The second half consisted more of the same. They did play some defense in the first half, but the second half was just like I thought when I wondered why street ball games are meaningless. It became one on one battles consisting of long distance shooting. There was barely any crisp execution besides some lob plays. Clipper Darryl, with his Clipper colored suit, was dancing around like a cheap stripper asking for John Wall to marry him. He did plenty of trolling. I do not understand why Clipper Darryl was acting that way. I’m guessing that there isn’t any NBA action and this game made him very excited.

Michael Beasley was trash. It’s a “charity” game and dude was ass. Minnesota better worry. He looked free and fouled out. I think he only scored 6 points. DeMar DeRozan failed to make an impact, too. I didn’t notice him. The refs were not playing around either giving out techs and fouls acting that the game was actually important.

I took the liberty of capturing some more highlight videos of John Wall, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings, Rudy Gay, and Trevor Ariza.

The game was fun because the girls were dressing like they were going to the club. Shout outs to them dressing naughty. Do not tell me that they were not looking for attention. These girls were looking to hook up. They rushed the court after the game stripping the players’ clothes. In fact, most of the crowd rushed like their team won the NBA title. I thought the players were going to walk out butt naked at that rate.

It was a great game and great experience. Michael Beasley looked too free though. I was shocked. I do not understand Kevin Durant getting the publicity because even though he broke 50, he was not spectacular. John Wall was the real highlight machine getting 50+ points. Shout outs to Wall and the guy behind me wanting to get on that Wall train.

James Harden got his 50 as well, but the beard did most of the work. People were mad when I said that DeMar DeRozan is better than Harden. I was proven wrong that night. We’ll see when the NBA is actually back to determine. It was a good game although the Pyramid did not have a big high def screen to watch replays.

My final thought a la Jerry Springer – These games are special just because there is no NBA action. The production value is trash. There are no cheerleaders. Guys have to perv on girls. Girls are looking to hook up with the players. There is some defense played, but it is lousy. I was expecting more highlight plays. However, I had to remind myself that this is not NBA Jam Tournament Edition. Some guys easily got their 50 points. While the atmosphere is cool, the game reminds the fans how much the NBA needs to get their asses back on the court.

Where you at Kobe?

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