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The NBA lockout is over….

If you want it to be. As you may have heard, the owners dropped the 50/50 Basketball Related Income precondition to keep the talks going. People are running their mouths over Twitter claiming that the NBA lockout is supposedly nearing its’ end. We will see. Are you sure? I have accepted that the 2011-2012 season is canceled a long time ago. After what Dwyane Wade said about teams not needing to be competitive and Kevin Garnett’s negotiation room antics, the diehard fans revolted against the players. Fans are calling players stupid, but they need to calm down. We want our NBA game back as much as President Barack Obama, but the inside sources got us blue balled. The NBA lockout is ending, eh?

This is too good to be true. Did the owners drop the hard cap act, too? If they did then the big market teams get their way once again. it’s a shame really. 
Reality better start settling in for the players. Stop messing around and get the deal done now. The owners were serious. They are willing to go a year without NBA basketball to get their way. Will they lose money? Yep. Of course. They know. Everybody loses money; a lot of it. The fans are against the players. Billy Hunter and the Player’s Union know it. The middle and low tier players are definitely worried since they do not make as much as the top superstars. They should be breathing down Hunter and Fisher’s necks right now. As for the fans, we should not give a damn until an official announcement comes out. 
The players and owners are currently talking around the clock. There is a live stream on their main site. Check it out. It’s like CSPAN. You heard of it? It’s the government channel that barely anybody watches. You get to watch government in action and end up falling asleep within 3 minutes. The live stream is interesting because the NBA went great lengths to get that on their site. That’s cool yet weird at the same time. 
I hear you. I see you. I read the clippings. The lockout is nearing its’ end. Do not celebrate. If it is not official then it is not over. Talks can stop because of the BRI stuff. They have not agreed to the percentage. Owners still want 50/50, but owners probably end up with 48 and players end up with 52. At least the system issues are being worked out and agreed upon. 
The Union probably read this via the Orange County Register:
"It’s not worth it. Get a deal done,” former Dallas Stars forward Bill Guerin said during a phone call last week….“It is not worth it to any of them to burn games or to burn an entire year. Burning a year was ridiculous,” Guerin said. “It wasn’t worth me giving up $9 million a year, or 82 games plus the playoffs, then having a crappy year and being bought out…. Guys in the NBA making $15 million or however much better think long and hard about this….”
“The only thing you can die in the battlefield for in something like this is guaranteed contracts; everything else is nickel-and-dime stuff and it’s not worth it,” Guerin said.
It is no coincidence that the owners and players are moving swiftly in talks after this came out. The hard cap must be in place when they shake hands. Be disappointed if there is no hard cap. That is terrible for every NBA fan. If there is no hard cap, the system pieces must be thoroughly examined. How are contracts structured in the new deal? Franchise tags? What about exemptions? What about free agency? 
If the players and owners are genuine about competitive balance then let’s see if some of these things are addressed. Otherwise, the Los Angeles Lakers get their way again. 
The best case scenario is that some rudimentary form of the hard cap is in place that severely penalizes teams going over the luxury cap. For example, for every one million over the cap, the team is taxed 2 million for every one million. It can be that simple. Teams will then think twice about going over the cap compared to the old system. We’ll see how it shakes out, but do not celebrate yet unless you want to. 
(Update) – Like I said before, this was too good to be true. More cancellation of games to follow. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
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