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Derrick Rose’s Rookie Year: Insider wanting to get out. Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t care about winning.

Derrick Rose's Rookie Year: Insider wanting to get out. Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't care about winning.I’m watching the NFL playoffs so my interest is not here completely. Peyton Manning and the Colts just got eliminated because they couldn’t run the ball nor defend the run. It’s sad to watch. You know what’s even sadder? There was a Bulls game on at the same time and no one noticed. I don’t like to write about the Bulls. I’d rather have someone else write about them, but after they lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves by 10 points (102-92) with rookie Kevin Love dominating the front line, I have to make meaning out of my frustration as a Bulls fan. For Chicago, D-Lightning put up 22 points, 4 boards, and 5 assists. When Larry Hughes came in, he went for his. He just kept on chucking. What a way to get your stats, you selfish bastard. This game serves as a microcosm of the Bulls’ problems ever since Scott Skiles was fired.

Kevin Love dominated the Bulls in just 21 minutes of play. After that, I have to say something for any Chicago booster including Barack Obama. I’m thoroughly convinced that John Paxson and owner Jerry Reinsdorf are incapable of wiping their asses after taking huge shits after shits on this franchise. They just don’t give a fuck about the team. Paxson is not smart enough to be a GM for any team and Reinsdorf is living off the MJ legacy. BJ Armstrong should have been the GM. Unbeknownst to people; Armstrong was another leading candidate for the job.

I also came to another conclusion. Casual Chicago Bulls fans are mentally handicapped; every single one of them. How can the Bulls thus far be one of the league leaders in attendance even through the horrific years is beyond me.

The Bulls continuing demise starts at the top. It’s like Reinsdork took a huge dump on a plate. “Here fans. Eat my shit.” And many fans eat that up like mindless drones.

What’s more disgusting? They love it.

I didn’t follow the team after The Dynasty broke up (1999-2003) and for good reason. When Paul Shirley is a regular rotation player and Randy Brown is the starting point guard, no one in the front office cares about winning. I’ve heard that Chicagoans do not have anything else better to do. That’s why they go to the games. Yeah, that alone proves that I’m right.

They’re stupid. They have an IQ of a mule.

D-Lightning doesn’t deserve any of this. What did he do so badly in life to be put on this crappy organization? There are so many better things to do than watching the Bulls play to lose. Go play in traffic, piss on snow, throw darts, go clubbing, smoke weed, whoop that trick, lift weights, or simply watch the games from home. How stupid can they be? I mean, really.

Chicago fans, how the hell can you support Reinsdork when he doesn’t care? He raised ticket prices BEFORE they got the number one pick.

From 1998-2008, Chicago went through tons of tanking and rebuilding. That’s just too much for one franchise, except the Clippers, but I do have an excuse for them though. You see the Clippers will forever be cursed until Donald Sterling gives up the team. At least they know they’re destined to suck. The Bulls, however, shouldn’t be sucking because they were blessed by God as He struck down from the clouds with D-Lightning.

Jerry Reinsdork is not so blessed because he thinks he knows basketball, but in actuality, he only knows the difference between a male and female. He interferes with basketball decisions and personally negotiates the contracts. Then he takes credit for it. This is the duties of the general manager. Since Reinsdork is acting this way, why hire a GM then? Just become the GM yourself. Who the hell wants to work with this loon? The only person I can picture is a homeless guy desperate for cigarettes. I once read that he only cares about winning the negotiation. He doesn’t care about anything else. This stems from his real estate days. He only sees money.

And what’s more ironic? He hates overpaying players. He absolutely despises players’ salaries skyrocketing and was a public figure in all of this. Yet he ended up massively overpaying Albert Belle to a ridiculous contract.

So he is all about winning the deal…did he really win? Aside from Scottie Pippen, he lost the other basketball deals he negotiated. Look at the recent contracts he personally dealt with: Kirk Hinrich, Andres Nocioni, and Luol Deng. He overpaid for all 3. Hinrich regressed, Nocioni became a Larry Hughes chucker, and Luol Deng turned into the invisible man. When he finally wanted to pony up the big bucks, he got Ben Wallace who is this franchise’s biggest blunder. He’s good at handling money, but atrocious on whom to pay; absolutely clueless. John Paxson should tell him, “Sign the checks and shut the fuck up.” Don’t worry, Pax. He will not fire you since he sees you as a son.

On to John Paxson.

He gets the other 50 of the blame since he’s the one doing the footwork to pass on to Reinsdork. Pax recreated what he inherited. He basically recreated the 2003 Bulls except they have Derrick Rose. Any other GM would have been fired. It’s time to step down Pax because you compounded the mistakes by recreating this crap. Tyrus Thomas is Eddie Robinson. Reinsdork will not resign Ben Gordon and you managed to put together a team WITHOUT A FRONT COURT. How does one do that? I think this is the first time in NBA history. This proves that John Paxson is an awful talent evaluator and doesn’t know how to scout big men nor does he know how to put a roster together.

How can Derrick Rose succeed in this? How can he succeed in this cesspool?

Like Chris Paul, I’m also thoroughly convinced that if the Bulls still have Tyson Chandler or anything near David West, D-Lightning would be averaging 8-9 assists easily. Through 34 games, he’s averaging 17.1 points, 3.6 rebounds, and leading all rookies with 5.9 assists. Without a front court, he’s getting nearly 6 assists! This is a testament to the uber awesome special mega talent he has. If only he had a competent front court, he would surpass Chris Paul’s rookie stats.

Everything is fucked up on the Bulls right now. Just as bad as last season except Rose is entertaining to watch. Just like Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich selling Obama’s senate seat, Jerry Reinsdork sold the coach’s seat to the cheapest bidder, rookie Vinnie Del Negro.

At this point, no one is listening to him. Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas stare into the crowd during timeouts. Ben Gordon puts his head down staying quiet. Del Negro barely says anything during the game with assistants Del Harris and Bickerstaff mumbling behind his back about God knows what. There is no communication between players. Rose speaks sometimes, but no one sees him as the man yet. Deng set the franchise back another 5 years.

How to fix this team?

Blow it all to hell except for Rose. I expected this year’s team to be an 8th seed. It’s a lottery team again. Ben Gordon is disinterested and I don’t blame him. Thabo Sefolosha’s defense is severely overrated. He plays like a scared chicken out there. He shouldn’t be the starting two-guard for any team much less starting over Ben Gordon. Casual Bulls fans have been lobbying this, but that’s why I claimed that “they have an IQ of a mule.” Just because Thabo is tall? It’s a good thing that Del Negro truly sees that he sucks.

Here’s an insider’s look at what it’s like to be a part of the Bulls from a Cavs fan when the Bulls played against them:

I’m a Cavs fan, and I was working today at a place directly across from where the Bulls were staying…

The team had a morning shoot around this morning and all the players loaded up on the bus… About an hour and a half later the bus comes back and all of the players get off of it except DRose and Larry Hughes…

Hughes came back about 10 minutes later in a cab…

About 20 minutes later I was heading to lunch, and DRose is walking up the street from the arena by himself carrying a pair of shoes, and wearing nothing but a tshirt and a pair of shorts…

Mind you that the arena is about 15 minutes from the hotel, and it was 20+ degrees….

He was with nobody…

All day I saw players in the mall (connected to the hotel) and they were hanging out in groups…

Saw Joakim and Thabo hanging out….

Simmons, Gray, and one other guy….

Hunter, Thomas, and Ben Gordon walk into Morton’s steakhouse..

The only 3 guys that were by themselves were Hughes, Noch and DRose…

Was surprised as hell to see DRose walking up the street by himself, and not knowing where the hotel was…

He was heading in the right direction, but the guy was literally walking around the city with nobody with him in a t-shirt and shorts…

All I can say that it’s gotten so bad that D-Lightning and the rest of the Bulls doesn’t want to be seen with Larry Hughes. Somebody contact Larry Hughes’ parents. Please take your son back. Go take a dump. Then explain to him, "Here’s Michael Jordan" while pointing to the sky. Then say, "And here’s you" while pointing to the timber you just laid out.

Oh, don’t worry though. Larry is not alone. Jerry Reinsdork can relate.