Wednesday , Jan , 21 , 2009 J.N.

So LeBron is DPoY over Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade just because of spectacular blocks?

So LeBron is DPoY over Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade just because of spectacular blocks?I would hear fans say, “Oh damn! Did you see that block? That’s why he’s defensive player of the year. He sent that trash to the cheap seats.”

Be real. Many NBA players can do that. So each of them deserve to win it, too?

Kobe Bryant had a nice block.

So did Josh Smith.

And Derrick Rose.

So each of them gets a defensive player of the year consideration?

I’ve also read, “Josh Smith is a better shot blocker than Dwight Howard. He’s the DPOY.”

Wow. It doesn’t take much to impress eh?

Word to the blind.

Josh Smith hasn’t been the defensive beast so far like he did in years past. Yes, I know he had to come back from an ankle sprain earlier in the year yet he had more than enough games to get his game back on track. He’s had a few games where he didn’t register any blocks. As much as I love J-Smoove’s game, he shouldn’t be in any DPoY talks.

Kobe shouldn’t be in any defensive player of the year talks either. He’s not in the top 20 for blocks and steals. I’m killing that noise for good. Kobe had his chances to win it in the past when he was younger. He’s never going to win that award now when he’s entering 30. I’m pretty sure that’s the last thing on his mind. He’s not a bad defender by any stretch of the imagination. He’s actually pretty good, but he was never DPoY material.

Derrick Rose is just an abysmal defender.

Why LeBron is considered a better defender than Wade and D-12 this season? Just because he can send shots to the stands? This doesn’t make any damn sense.

LeBron is currently in the top 5 in steals. That’s great.

LeBron is currently number 27 in blocks. Not so good to be in discussions.

Let’s look at the other two guys, Wade and Howard. Wade is currently ranked 18 in the NBA in blocks leading all guards and ranked 3 in steals. The man child of Orlando leads the league in blocks and rebounding. All casual Cavs fans and LeBron boosters need to shut up. Here’s what I found what they have been talking about. Names have been changed to protect the stupid:

Idiot 1: “LeBron has a shot at DPoY if he has another "shut-down" type game against Kobe and the Lakers. He needs some more signuature defensive performances to create some hype.”

Idiot 2: “I completely agree with this. If LeBron can do what he did a couple more times against the top guards and forwards then he will very much be right beside Dwight for consideration.”

Commentary from me: WOW. Where do I start? It’s not a big deal, but having signature defensive games here and there will not do anything for that hype. A DPoY is someone who does it every game; not something sprinkled here and there. I don’t see it here. I can clearly see that people want LeBron to get every award just because he’s the king of the crab dribble.

Idiot 3 out of nowhere: Rebounds and blocks rule the award criteria…I wish someone would start to look beyond that, too. Because I’m not sold on Dwight Howard being a lock for DPoY. Orlando doesn’t do much worse without him on the court.

Oh what? Idiot 3 just said that boards and blocks rule the criteria. Dwight has the strongest resume to be “that guy.” I’ll look beyond the stats, too. When he’s out of the game, no one is intimidated to drive the lane. Orlando becomes bad defensively without him. No one is scared of Tony Battie, Brian Cook, the politics of Adonal Foyle, and the greatness that is Marcin Gortat. This is what happens when people drink the LeBron Kool-Aid too much.

Dwight Howard is the anchor of the defense.

If they can keep it up, it’s only going to be between Dwyane STD-Wade and Dwight "I just left my baby momma" Howard.