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The 2009-2010 NBA Year End Awards AKA The Hoopties

The regular has ended some time ago and it’s time to touch on the players and moments that made this season memorable. The playoffs just started and it is going to take awhile to determine the champion, but I’d like take this time to look back at stuff that impacted the season and future to come. Hold up. There will be some moments that did not impact the season. It was just funny to point out.  Dwight Howard wins another Defensive Player of the Year, Scott Brooks wins Coach of the Year, and Aaron Brooks won Most Improved Player. We can safely assume that LeBron James won Most Valuable Player.

Scandal of the Year:
Shaq vs. Gilbert Arenas – Gilbert Arenas’ fiancée had an affair with Shaq.

Biggest fall of the Year:
Gilbert Arenas bringing guns to the arena. It just gets worse for him. He is gone for the season and has to answer to the district attorney.

Biggest “Blow Up” of a Franchise:
The Washington Wizards. They traded away Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, and Brendan Haywood.  It’s amazing how the Gilbert Arenas affected everyone.

Fight of the Year:
Vinny Del Negro versus John Paxson – Nobody wants to see these men fight, but they did. Over Joakim Noah’s minutes. You read that correctly. This was about Joakim Noah’s minutes. That was the breaking point. This was really about power and control. Also, it’s revealed that The Black was the downfall guy all along.

Honorable Mention: Joakim Noah vs LeBron James (Over dancing)


Cameo of the Year:
This award goes to Steve Francis. He got caught digging for gold. Keep digging!

The Player who couldn’t live up to his draft status:
Greg Oden

The Biggest Meltdown after All Star Break:
The award goes to the Toronto Raptors. They were well in the playoff hunt and then they just fell off the face of the Earth questioning Chris Bosh’s future.

The Forever Young Award:
Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. I don’t know how they’re doing it. I want them to play until they are 40 years young. This is a direct challenge. Grant Hill should probably be on this list, too. The only thing is that there were a few seasons where he just sat on the bench with injuries. Therefore, he does not count. Kidd and Nash rarely took breaks.

Dancer of the Year:
LeBron James. He was dancing during games on the sidelines. Awesome.


The “We are quietly winning as usual” award:
Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers – They were quietly doing their business. I guess it wasn’t a big thing since they are the defending champions. It was expected.

The 2010 Free Agent Class Teaser:
LeBron James. Yes, he wins another award. He was messing around with the media having fun. After awhile, the act got old and no one really cared.

The “Why do we need him while we have this other guy” award:
Chris Paul and Darren Collison. Once Paul got injured for awhile, Collison filled his role just fine leaving many fans questioning the need for point God Chris Paul.

The Elite Newcomer Award:
Kevin Durant. He made the All Star game for the first time and led the league in scoring at the young age of 21. He makes scoring look easy and effortless. He’s in the top 5 among the other elites depending on who you ask.

Most Hideous Injury:
Andrew Bogut when he fell off the rim. Nasty. Horrific.

Most Awkward Moment:
Lawrence Frank telling people how he really thought. Yes, it was after the regular season. I count this one because he was reflecting about the regular season.


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