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The 2010 Top 10 “Stay Away from these Guys” NBA Fantasy Players (10-6)

When the dust settles after a fantasy draft, we kick ourselves in the teeth with our picks. Why did I draft this guy in the first place? Why did I reach? We ask ourselves that all the time. The guys on this list are inconsistent or gets injured a lot. Or both.

10. Brandon Jennings – Mad inconsistent. This is something he has to work on as his career progresses. One night he can light it up for 55 points then the next few games Jennings will go 3-19 from the field. I argued that B. Jennings reminds me of former Laker Nick Van Exel. The only difference is Jennings contains more potential and explosion. There is hope for him to get off this list, but for now, he has to stay here because I’ve seen this before from past players. Inconsistency sucks.

9. Andrew Bogut – The Big Aussie gets his share of injuries. When healthy, Bogut is a consistent top 10 fantasy center. He’s always getting injured somewhere. His rookie year was the only time he participated in 82 games. Bogut logged 36 games last season and 69 games this season. Hopefully, he can consistently log in 75 games for the next few seasons to shake off the stigma. Andrew is good, but he should never be your first center drafted unless you forgot to draft centers.

8. Brandon Roy – This man should never be a first round pick for anyone in a 10 team deep league. On his best nights, Roy’s stats resemble Dwayne Wade’s. He is not a first rounder because of the injuries. They plague him like herpes. They go away after awhile then they spring up again to say “hi.” Before he was drafted in 2006, there were injury concerns. Those concerns are justified. Many took Roy in the 2009-2010 season and owners took a hit as he suffered another hamstring problem missing 17 games. This guy is a guaranteed hit or miss. When he is healthy, he’s game. Let’s hope he is off the list in the future. I do not want to hear another hammy issue come up.

7. Luol Deng – Mister Softee is trying to shed this label. Deng is usually found on the sidelines more than not despite being a hard worker. He only had 2 seasons where he was playing a lot. The rest is all misses. I’m not sure if this says anything about the Bulls medical staff. Luol should never be taken within the first 4 rounds if your league is at least 10 teams deep. He is usually good for 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists; not bad. Remember, Deng is consistent at producing within the first 3 quarters. That’s good enough to be drafted somewhere. Beware of the injuries though. Be very careful.

6. Michael Beasley – Where do I start? He is inconsistent. He has the mentality of Tito Jackson. There is nothing physically wrong with him. He has all the tools to be something great. His mindset and toughness resemble a peanut. Where did it all go wrong? Sometimes Beasley gets benched for the entire second half. Are we missing something? Oh wait, B-Easy is missing something. I do not think this is something that can be corrected. It’s just built in him. He has to find it within himself on his own. The Tito Jackson comment was supposed to fire him up and make him more determined.  He’s not worth a pick within the first 8 rounds of any fantasy draft. Kid is too fragile.


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