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Laker fans do not want it against LeBron James in the NBA Finals.

Kobe Bryant is absolutely disgusted. I’m hearing the buzz. I am feeling the tremors. I smell fear. What’s going on?

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are making a lot of noise as a true contender through the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Video Game James won his 2nd MVP award and many people are counting out the Celtics against the Cavs. Something in the background is occurring behind the curtain that is most troubling. Try to strike up conversations with any Laker fan when you go about the day at the office. Go ahead. Try it. They’re not hard to spot. Look for the tiny Laker flag, banner, pictures, or coffee mug around their cubicle. The Yellow and Purple Nation sticks out like the yellow and black found on Cliff Notes’ covers.

Ask them about LeBron. Just do it.

The disturbing thing that is currently happening (if you have a sharp eye) is a growing temporary alliance among Laker and Celtic fans. Gasp! Shock! Awe! Horror! This is blasphemy. Don’t you Laker fans need to take a shower after secretly rooting for the Boston Celtics? I cannot believe this. Let me get this straight. You want the Celts to knock out LeBron so that Kobe and the Lakers do not have to worry about facing him? Get the F outta here. Say what? You’re kidding me, right? That’s what I have been reading and collecting.

Explore the internet sometime. You’ll see more evidence. Here are some excerpts from Laker fans online complete with typos and mistakes. Hey, I’m not making this up. Screen names are not disclosed to protect the guilty:

Laker fan 1 – Sure, go ahead and disrespect Orlando. As for us, we have realistically clear road to the Finals as it appears. No need to worry, instead of feeding your fantasy night scenario’s, how about some of you wake up to reality and consider Cleveland still has to go through the team that went through them last year in the East? That said, I’d rather them face Cleveland for a multitude of reasons. I think if the Lakers were paired up against with Orlando again, things may go differently.

Laker fan 2 – i dont think cleveland makes it out of the east. as it stands, i think it will most likely be an orlando vs. laker final again… but this time around i actually feel the magic are better suited to deal w/ the lakers because of multiple reasons.

Laker fan 3 – haha this is a joke right? i love LA and i want nothing more than another banner..but this year looks like the ring will be HANDED to the cavs…the refs will not let them lose. can you imagine these scenario: score tied, 2 mins to go, lebron drives…..FOUL, 2 shots…next posession…bron drives…FOUL..2 more shots…repeat for every game basically. on the other end, laker bigs will be hacked and wont be allowed to play with the same physicality..kobe wont sniff the FT line

Laker fan 4 – If its the Cavs, it will be a touigher series, but when you have the best closer in the NBA  up against a guy who everybody know turn into a 6-8 Brandon Jenings in the Finals, I say Lakers 4-3.

Laker fan 5 – the way the cavs bench reacts to plays makes me sick. you can tell dudes never won a damn thing before. i dont know, i just think a team that is suppose to be a championship contender should act like a championship team?

These responses do not represent Laker fans as a whole. It does, however, represent some fear with facing LeBron’s Cavs in the Finals if the two teams ever meet. The responses appear to make Laker fans happy to face the Orlando Magic in the Finals again. They make it seem like Orlando will be a huge threat to dethrone them. Laker fans, that’s far from the truth.

Laker Nation, what gives? You that scared? Explain.



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