Wednesday , Sep , 17 , 2008 Christopher Sells

Josh Howard in the News. Again.

Josh Howard in the News. Again.With the Olympics finished and the start of training camps still a few weeks away, the news flow from the NBA has slowed to a sporadic drip. Stories range from useless to uninteresting, from meaningless to mediocre. With this in mind, journalists and bloggers (like myself) will jump on just about any story that gives us something to talk about.

Someone from Josh Howard’s camp should be aware of this and should maybe tell him to put a lid on stuff like this:

The comment (made at the 1:43 mark) itself isn’t actually completely horrible. I’m pretty sure he’s not the only person, or player for that matter, who doesn’t hold the national anthem in some sort of high esteem for one reason or another. But one would hope that after this, this, and this that he might consider trying to stay out of the news for non-basketball related things.

So here is something else for the Mavs to deal with as they try to make some improvements in advance of the upcoming season. One has to wonder how many more distractions Mark Cuban is willing to tolerate and if Howard might find himself on the trading block.