Tuesday , Jan , 06 , 2009 Christopher Sells

Injuries, Inebriation, Resolution and Recognition

Injuries, Inebriation, Resolution and RecognitionMelo Injured
Early reports out of Denver are that Carmelo Anthony has a "probable" hand fracture. No word yet on if this will require him to miss any games or how long any recovery time might be. This comes at a terrible time for the Nuggets, who are off to their best start since the 1976-77 season. Their 24-12 record leads the Northwest Division and is fourth-best in the West. More details will undoubtedly be available in the coming hours.

Errbody in the Car Getting Tipsy
Apparently drinking and driving is a popular thing to do among the basketball crowd. In the wake of the Charles Barkley incident last week, we find out that Jason Richardson and Antoine Walker were involved recently in DUI incidents of their own. Allegedly. Richardson’s incident took place about two weeks ago while Walker’s took place early yesterday morning. No word yet on whether either player used anticipated brain as an excuse for the moving violations that led to their arrests. My favorite part of these stories is that the article about Toine tabs him as a "former NBA player." So much for that comeback attempt, eh?

I make jokes, but driving under the influence of anything is a serious matter and certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly. Seriously, call a cab, walk, find a designated driver, do anything that will keep you from endangering yourself or someone else.

Arenas’ Return

Gilbert Arenas isn’t Grant Hill just yet, but he’s close enough to begin to draw comparisons. He could end such speculation with a successful return to the court. His coach and teammates acknowledge that he has been playing a little two-on-two, but there is no timetable set for his return. Antawn Jamison says he’ll be back on the court "a lot quicker than later," whatever than means, and Wizards Coach Ed Tapscott says that an injured player typically needs at least a week of practice before they suit up. So Arenas won’t be back for at least another week but probably before later. Uh, yeah. I vote that Washington tank the season and go for a high draft pick to complement their returning players for next year. It worked for San Antonio.

Howard’s Plan
Josh Howard’s 2008 could probably be described as less than average, at least in the eyes of the public. There are probably many of us who could say the same thing, we just aren’t famous and in the public eye the way Howard is. There are also many of us who have made assorted New Year’s resolutions in the last week, vowing to improve upon some things in our lives that are not what we think they should be. Howard is no different. When asked what his resolution for 2009 would be, he responded, "Don’t repeat 2008." When asked how he’d do that, he responded "Avoiding the media." I suppose that could work, but I’m thinking that "By not smoking weed, street racing, disrespecting my coach or the national anthem" would also have been a good answer. Just saying.

No Stars in OKC
Kevin Durant is putting up nearly 24 points a game and pulling down nearly six rebounds per. He’s shooting 46% from the floor and 44% from three. He’s sixth in the league in scoring and he’s the person largely responsible whenever the Thunder picks up a win. The problem is that the Thunder has only picked up a win four times this year. A record of 4-30 actually has OKC in danger of posting the worst record ever for an NBA team, a fate the team can avoid by winning five of its final 48 games. Because of his team’s futility, Durant knows that he doesn’t deserve to make the All-Star team, but it’s not really his fault. He didn’t put the team together, after all, nor did he uproot them from their home in Seattle, which may just have given the team the bad karma necessary to suck like few teams have sucked before.