Friday , Mar , 12 , 2010 Christopher Sells

No More Agent Zero?

When Gilbert Arenas returns to the Washington Wizards next year– if he returns to the Wizards next year– he’ll be wearing a new number. The man who wore the number zero because it was the number of minutes his detractors predicted he would play during his freshman year at Arizona will instead don the number six

Arenas received Mike Miller’s blessing to make the switch. Miller will wear 33 if returns to the Wizards, a number held by Brendan Haywood until he was traded to the Mavericks last month. It sounds like Arenas is trying to start anew and move away from the player in person that we’ve seen in the past. In case you’re wondering, January 6 is Arenas’ birthday and also the date that his suspension was handed down. Hopefully coincidentally, it is also a number associated with guns. As in six shooter. Hopefully we won’t see anymore finger guns from Gil. Actually, Six Shooter should definitely be his new nickname since Agent Zero has lost some of its meaning. 


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