Wednesday , Aug , 25 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Michael Jordan’s Son Blows $50K in One Day in Vegas

While the tweet disappeared fairly quickly, it was online long enough for us to get a little insight to the life of Michael Jordan’s son. Marcus Jordan, a 6’3" guard for the University of Central Florida, may not have inherited his father’s otherworldly talents, but the ability to burn through stacks of cash in Sin City certainly seems to be genetic. A tweet recently posted by the twenty-year-old Son of G.O.A.T. revealed that he dropped a cool $35K in a Vegas nightclub called Haze, and a total $50K over the course of the day. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet:

So what do you think of this? Is it any of our business what a young man does in his spare time, or should we be concerned that it’s irresponsible for anyone to spend that sort of money? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below.

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