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Video Game Puts Dream Team vs. 2012 USA Team

Video game (2K13) puts Dream Team vs. 2012 USA Team

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: I want to see LeBron dunk on Jordan.

At the Olympics Kobe spouted off some comments about how his 2012 team could beat the 1992 dream team. Responses from the dream team were varied, but most amounted to laughter and fingering point at Kobe calling him a fool.

“We’ll never know, but let’s talk about it,” Jordan said on a conference call. “I know Kobe (Bryant) said some things early on and I responded to those. The ’92 Dream Team, I felt, was a more well-rounded basketball team.”

It’s even harder to argue the 2012 team would beat the Dream team now that we saw them barely squeeze out a 107-100 victory over Spain in the gold medal game. The Dream team had 11 Hall-of-Famers and won just about every game by 40 points. 

Jordan went on to say, “I think those guys were much more athletic than maybe we were at that particular point, but I would like to think we were a little bit smarter and well-groomed about playing at that level of basketball. Honestly, I don’t think we would have had problems with them as much as they probably would have had (with us). I think our team would have been a lot better in terms of all-around basketball.”

MJ has a point. With both David Robinson and Patrick Ewing on the Dream Team, it’s difficult to see who on the 2012 team would be much of a matchup for the Dream Team’s bigs. 

Now, the wait is over. With 2K13, basketball fans can now see what happens when the Dream Team goes head-to-head with the 2012 USA Team. The only players missing from the mix is Scottie Pippen. Apparently, 2K13 couldn’t reach an agreement with him so he’s not in the game. As absurd as this sounds, it still seems like a great game.

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