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Stephen Jackson Thinks Metta World Peace Sucks At Rapping

Stephen Jackson says Metta World Peace can’t rap.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Yeah, that sounds about right. I’m just surprised Jackson actually said it.

Stephen Jackson wanted to be perfectly clear this week that although he would put his career on the line to defend his once brother in battle, he thinks Metta World Peace’s rap skills suck. Yup, that was pretty much the message coming from Jackson when he sat down with Power 105.1. Both Jackson and World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) consider themselves MCs of sorts. In the off-season Jackson can be found in the studio laying down tracks and Metta Wolrd Peace has released albums before too. Apparently, their on the court love for each other does not spill off the court the studio.

“I can’t vouch for his music,” Jackson said of World Peace during a recent appearance.  “If I’m with you, I’m with you and I’m going to ride with you,” Jackson said. “But as far as music, I can’t vouch for his music. … I put my career on the line for him, going into the stands and fighting. I’ll do that for any one of my brothers, but I can’t vouch for his music.”

It does seem sort of in vogue for one baller to diss another baller’s rapping skills. As a whole the genre of MCs is completely a joke. No NBA player has yet to drop a track, let alone an album, that got any respect. At this point being an MC in the off-season is almost cliche for NBA players. It’s the age old adage ballers want to be rappers and rappers want to be ballers. Well, whatever Jackson and World Peace want to be they won’t do it together.

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