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Andrew Bynum Gets Into Fight At Pool Hall.

Andrew Bynum threatens to kill someone in pool hall fight.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Bynum makes finally takes a shot in Philly. Shame it involved a bar and not a ball.

Andrew Bynum continues to make news in Philadelphia off the court. Bynum’s latest adventure involves a fight at a local pool hall where Bynum reportedly threw a shot glass at a patron last night.

After announcing that he might not play at all this season (shock), Bynum went out to Buffalo Billiards in the Old City part of Philly. Apparently, someone asked Bynum to move so they could take a shot on their pool table. Bynum didn’t appreciate that and the two quickly got into a heated disagreement that resulted in Bynum making gun motions toward the individual and eventually throwing a shot glass at him.

Way to keep a low profile while recouping Andrew. If Bynum keeps this up, he may wear out his welcome in Philly before he ever plays a game. 

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