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Michael Beasley punches himself during game, then needs medical treatment

Michael Beasley is known for quite a few…unique personality traits, but this is a new one.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He can say what he wants, but Beasley sure took it to himself after traveling.


You would think that Michael Beasley would take it easy on himself considering it’s still only the pre-season, but that’s far from what happened on Friday against the Detroit Pistons. In this video, it’s evident that he really takes it out on his own head (literally) after a turnover.

Although coach Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat would later claim that the medical treatment that Beasley received post-game was unrelated to the self-inflicted punch, we all still have our doubts.

This extreme violence is somewhat surprising coming from a guy who has a history of substance abuse with a drug that is best-known for mellowing people out.

In terms of on-court promise, Beasley looks to be a contributor off the bench for Miami despite a disappointing run in 2013 with the Phoenix Suns (10.1 points per game / 3.8 rebounds per game / 41 percent from the field). LeBron James always seem to manage to get the best out of his teammates and if Beasley can keep his marijuana consumption under control, he and the recently-acquired Greg Oden should be able to contribute to a run at a third consecutive NBA Finals championship.

He sure hasn’t lived up to the hype of that No. 2 selection unlike the guy selected one spot before him—Derrick Rose. But if he can go back to his career average of 14 points and five rebounds per game in 26 minutes a game, he just might get a ring before D-Rose and the Chicago Bulls.

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Photo credit: Michael Beasley’s Official Twitter (@easyst0)

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