Monday , Jul , 14 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Katelyn Kristine Faber picture, Kobe Bryant victim ?

Katelyn Kristine Faber

Those pictures are suposed to be the one of Katelyn Kristine Faber who is the number one suspect in Kobe Bryant sexual assault case. She might the victim of this mediatic case against Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant.

At this time, it has not yet been officially confirmed that Katelyn Kristine Faber is the girl that Kobe Bryant admitted having sexual relation with.

…is Katelyn Kristine Faber, Kobe Bryant’s victim ?


07/24/03 Sources are now saying that most pictures on internet are NOT representing Katelyne Faber but another girl same age, same school… If you have any info about this, please let us know:

07/28/03, New picture of Katelyn Kristine Faber are published. Still not official…

07/29/03, Globe tabloid cover picture, Katelyn Faber first cover !

07/30/03, Sophomores picture, Katelyn Kristine Faber acting?