Sunday , Jul , 10 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Nike put Kobe Bryant back to work

Nike put Kobe Bryant back to work

We did not see much of our favorite player Kobe Bryant this year with the dirty story opposing him to Kathelyn Faber.

Nike which invested $45 million dollars in Kobe a few month before his arrest is taking the star back to work.

This week we can see him in a Nike advertising for the first time since his arrest. the ad will be shown in the Sports Illustrated magazine of July 2005 . 

Nike is now forgetting about the past to focus on the game and the NBA player:

“Nike agrees with most NBA observers that Kobe ranks among the very best players in the NBA, and his training and preparation are key elements of his game,” said Nike spokesman Rodney Knox.

I think we will finally see Kobe Bryant back to the top for next NBA season 2005-2006.

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