Tuesday , Mar , 27 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Ben Wallace to endorse Starbury sneakers

Ben Wallace, who was surprisingly playing without a sneaker deal until today has finally picked the right one.

He will wear Starbury sneakers on court.

For now, Wallace will be wearing the Starbury 2, but his own sneaker – Big Ben – is expected to hit the market in late August or the fall.

Ben Wallace to endorse Starbury sneakers

Now that we see Steve and Barry adding endorsement deals to their agressive $15 sneaker price, we tend to believe they will create a fair impact on the sneaker industry.

Let’s see who they sign next.

Here is an extract from Steve and Barrys’ press release: “We are preparing to launch our Spring collection of Starbury … Stephon Marbury’s line exclusively with Steve & Barrys. But this is a much bigger story then another sports figure endorsing another sneaker. Starbury is revolutionizing the sneaker industry each $14.98 sneaker at a time. Of course that fashion aspect of the line is that we have really cool sneakers for men, women and kids that retail for $14.98 and are still considered cool among the sneakerheads of the world. And now Ben Wallace is joining the Starbury team. He believes as strongly in this “social movement” as Steph does. “

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