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Gun Company Files Lawsuit against Gilbert Arenas

Just when you thought Gilbert Arenas’ gun troubles were over, they get just a little bit worse. This time, it’s Gil’s woes aren’t due to gun possession but, unusually, non-possession. You see, it turns out that the former All-Star and current felon dropped some dough in the February of 2006 to expand his prolific gun collection.

After paying in full for five custom Berettas with five matching silencers, though, Arenas never actually picked them up. Four years and change later, Tactical Operations, the company who sold and customized the weapons, is suing Agent Zero for a cool $70K for interest and the cost of storage. Wait, what? Seventy frigging grand? Were they storing them in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf? This smacks of an inflated figure, but I’m sure they’ll still find a way to squeeze at least some of that money out of Hibachi.

Oh, and something tells me Gil is unlikely to pick those guns up given what’s gone down recently. Yeesh.

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