Tuesday , May , 11 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Ricky Rubio: I’m Glad I Stayed in Barcelona

Though Rubio was unwilling to move immediately to the NBA after he was drafted fifth last summer, he could yet head to the United States if he exercises his opt-out clause 12 months from now. However, he remains convinced that he made the right choice to stay at home.

"To be in the Final Four of the Euroleague, this is where I want to be," said the recipient of the league’s Rising Star Award, given annually to the best young player. "I’ve worked hard to make it to this goal. And this shows me that I chose the best option. I am so happy on this team. These players help me improve every day and so do the assistant coaches and other staff."

The Wolves, should they decide to retain Rubio’s rights rather than package him to move up in June’s draft, hold an appreciating asset. Team sources confirm that since he helped the Spanish national team to last year’s European championship, he has spent extended time in the weight room for the first time in his career. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s coaches have put in overtime to work on his shooting mechanics. 


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