Tuesday , May , 11 , 2010 Hoopsvibe

Kobe Bryant Cracks Jokes about Cleveland, LeBron’s Lefty FT

He was amused by one line of questioning revolving around why LeBron James’ sore right elbow was receiving so much attention when Bryant’s whole body was banged up.

"[Because] it’s Cleveland," Bryant cracked. "We have a couple more things to talk about in L.A."

Bryant elaborated his thoughts on the NBA’s current back-to-back MVP.

"I’ve been injured pretty much the entire season, so I think everybody just kind of got used to me playing that way," Bryant said. "He hasn’t really had any injury all year long, so this was really like his first injury of the year and it comes at the moment of the playoffs when it’s crucial for them so I think there’s a lot of attention around it."

It’s known around the team that Bryant has been engaged in a left-handed shooting competition with Pau Gasol all season long, so he was asked about the southpaw free-throw attempt that James took in the first round against Chicago.

"It looked nasty," Bryant said. "My form’s more like Chris Mullin … I would have called a timeout [if my shooting elbow was hurting me]." 


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