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Washington Wizards win draft lottery, could play John Wall with Gilbert Arenas

Today, the NBA held their annual draft lottery in New Jersey. Below is the order those little white ping pong balls were pulled by some suit from league head office who wasn’t Commissioner/Corporal Stern.  

14: Houston Rockets.
13: Toronto Raptors.
12: Memphis Grizzlies.
11: New Orleans Hornets.
10: Indiana Pacers.
9: Utah Jazz.
8: Los Angeles Clippers.
7: Detroit Pistons.
6: Golden State Warriors.
5: Sacramento Kings.
4: Minnesota Timberwolves.
3: New Jersey Nets.
2: Philadelphia 76ers.
1: Washington Wizards.

HoopsVibe’s Quick Call: The Washington Wizards wanted a chance to rebuild and they’ll get it, courtesy of the NBA draft lottery.

The Wizards won the first overall pick and the right to select Kentucky point guard John Wall. Wall seems to have it all: athleticism, skill, and size.

Best of all, with Wall in the fold, the club now has the option to slide Gilbert Arenas to the two-spot when the controversial guard returns from suspension for turning the locker room into a good old fashion stand off.   

After all, there will be no trade market for Arenas. And buying him out would be an expensive proposition in this troubled economy.

So look for an Arenas-Wall backcourt in the nation’s capital next season, which should certainly be both interesting and entertaining.

Got thoughts on the Wizards winning the draft lottery and the right to draft John Wall? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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