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Best alley-oop: Tony Allen’s get on up or Grant Hill’s buckle up?

HoopsVibe’s Call: Rajon Rondo’s emergence aside, it’s been the most exciting part of the Eastern Conference Finals: Tony Allen’s get-on-up alley-oop.

While this is the best toss-and-grab of the post-season, a player, Grant Hill, in the Western Conference Finals has a few alley-oops under his belt worth noting.

Once upon a time, Hill, a veteran swing with the Phoenix Suns, was a high-flying All-Star. Several ankle surgeries robbed this triple-double machine of his peak years with the Orlano Magic.

So HoopsVibe News thought we’d put the new against the old and ask you who has the best alley-oop Tony Allen’s ‘get on up’ or Grant Hill’s infamous ‘buckle up’? Watch both clips and get at with your comments on the best alley-oop in the comment box below. 

(Tony Allen getting on up like James Brown against the Orlando Magic.) 

(Grant Hill, as a member of the Detroit Pistons, forcing fans to ‘buckle up’.)

 Remember: tell us if Allen or Hill had the best alley-oop in the comment box. 

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