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‘Hail Mary’ or Anti-Christ? Knicks involved Thomas in LeBron negotiations

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni says Isiah Thomas’ involvement in the team’s recruitment of LeBron James was a last-ditch effort.

D’Antoni called the move a "Hail Mary." "We were sitting around and thinking what can we do to try and get it back and Isiah had an in with someone in [LeBron’s] entourage," D’Antoni told the New York Daily News.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: No wonder they lost out on LeBron James.

After all, The King – self-proclaimed or not – turned his back on the Cleveland Cavaliers and took less money to sign with the Miami Heat because he wanted to win.

Capturing championships is all that mattered to James. Not shoe deals. Not off-court adulation. And this forced him to turn his back on his home state.

So how would it have appeared to Team LeBron when Isiah Thomas – the man who destroyed the New York Knicks and virtually burned the Mecca of basketball known as Madison Square Gardens – popped up during negotiations?

The Hall of Fame point guard’s trades, signings, and draft picks turned this classic franchise into a laughingstock, and brought misery to the NYC.

Worst of all, Thomas’ involvement surely complicated negotiations. James and his people must have had concerns about who was really in charge. Was it Thomas, the old head of basketball operations? Or Donnie Walsh, the executive who was brought in to clean up his mess?

The Knicks must make a decision. Either they permanently cut ties with Thomas or, crazy as it sounds, re-hire him.

Currently, they’re stuck in the middle, a bizarre no-man’s land,  which is the worst case scenario. Thomas, again, plays the villain, appearing at the worst possible time to foil plans and scare the locals.

Common sense would rule out bringing Thomas back to New York. Clearly, common sense is still in short supply, though. And this may be the greatest reason James ignored the Knicks and signed elsewhere. 

–Oly Sandor.

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