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Saving Philadelphia? Doug Collins must click with Elton Brand

76ers coach Doug Collins and assistant Quin Snyder are expected to visit power forward Elton Brand sometime soon.

Previous attempts to meet with Brand were canceled due to scheduling difficulties. "I want Elton to feel the love of the game again," Collins said. "He doesn’t have to be an All-Star, but he can be a winning player. He can do that."

Brand has struggled over the last two seasons as he recovers from Achilles’ tendon surgery and shoulder surgery.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: They can’t trade him, so they must get something out of him.

Two years ago, the Philadelphia 76ers signed Elton Brand to a max’ contract -even though he was coming off a serious Achilles injury with the Los Angeles Clippers. They hoped Brand would get healthy and stabilize a promising squad. 

It hasn’t worked out. Not at all.

In 2009, he was injured. In 2010, he feuded with Coach Eddie Jordan. Both seasons, his methodical post-up game clashed with the run-and-gun 76ers.

Worst of all, his massive, Enron-inflated contract meant he couldn’t be moved. After the economic downturn, no team would touch the remaining three years and $50 million he was scheduled to earn through 2013.

Enter Doug Collins.

Philadelphia’s new sideline boss must get something from Brand. A 20 point, 10 rebound campaign is unlikely, but he needs more than the last two season.

If Brand continues to underachieve, if he continues to do nothing, the 76ers are in trouble. Collins knows this. So he’s going to breakbread with the stocky power forward.

It could be the most important meeting of the 76ers’ season.

–Oly Sandor.

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