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Re-hiring Isiah: Owner Dolan the problem with NY Knicks?

Sources tell Ken Berger of CBS Sports that the Knicks will have a very difficult time being able to get the NBA league office to approve an arrangement that allows Isiah Thomas to formally consult with the Knicks while retaining his position as head coach at Florida International University.

NBA team officials are not allowed to have the level of pre-draft contact and regular interaction with college players that a college coach like Thomas is required to as part of his job.

It will likely be found to violate the NBA’s rules for team personnel to hold this type of dual occupation.If the Knicks are permitted to retain Thomas’ services in such a manner, it could open the floodgates on NBA teams hiring members of college teams in order to give those NBA teams an inside track on college players.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: In theory, Isiah Thomas could help an NBA team – if he only scouted talent and had zero input on day-to-day operations.
In reality, Thomas’ past probably makes this impossible, at least in New York. He’s bad news; the ultimate in damaged goods.
By going against Executive Donnie Walsh and Coach Mike D’Antoni’s wishes to re-hire ‘Thomas’ (something I did not know), owner James Dolan has created a mess.
Why hire quality people? Why empower those quality people to do a job?  Why even have executives and coaches?
After all, Dolan will interfere -like bringing back Thomas. It doesn’t matter that such a move violated NBA rules. And it doesn’t matter that such a move upset Walsh and/or D’Antoni.
Either Dolan didn’t check with the league and his employees about Thomas. Or he didn’t care.
Whatever the case, Dolan again proved he’s the problem in New York.
–Oly Sandor.
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