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Can Magic Johnson save the Detroit Pistons?

Magic Johnson expressed interest Friday in being part of a group that buys the Pistons or at least in joining his hometown team in a front-office capacity.

Johnson is currently a minority owner of the Lakers.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: In 1979, Magic Johnson brought life to the struggling Los Angeles Lakers. In 2011, he may do the same for the Detroit Pistons.

Of course, the situations are different. Johnson played for the Lakers; he’d own and run the Pistons.

This would be ideal for Motown. Johnson is from nearby Lansing, played with the Michigan State Spartans, and has the resources/contacts to invest in a poor city that has been hard hit by the recession.

The Pistons also need a new set of eyes in the front office. Executive Joe Dumars has lost his touch, showing too much loyalty to veterans from the 2004 World Champion team and overpaying mediocre free agents.

It’s time to blow things up. It’s time to start over. Frankly, Dumars isn’t up for the job. Hopefully, Magic – if he successfully purchases the Pistons – has the stomach to hire a new architect to rebuild.

–Oly Sandor.

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