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Chauncey Billups: ‘I want to be trying to win a championship’

“For the rest of the time that I’m playing, I want to be playing for something,” Billups said. “I want to be trying to win a championship. I’m not the kind of guy who is just going to ride his career out, say, ‘I’ll play as long as I can and whatever happens, happens.’ No, that’s not me. I want to play for something. I want to play for the whole thing.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Memo to the Denver Nuggets. If you trade Carmelo Anthony, you’d better trade Chauncey Billups, too.

For the last few weeks, the Internet has been buzzing with speculation the Nuggets will deal ‘Melo and rebuild. And the thinking was Billups – the good soldier and hometown boy – would stick around to mentor the youngsters.

Think again.

Billups, even at 34, has plenty in the odometer. Remember, he never got regular minutes during his first five seasons in the NBA. And the veteran table-setter was traded several times before settling with the Detroit Pistons.

So Billups, while he still can, wants to compete for championships. Starting over isn’t an option.      

Trading Anthony will only be the start for the Nuggets. They’ll likely have to move Billups – their heart and soul – too.

–Oly Sandor.

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