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Return of The Shoulder-Shimmy? Antoine Walker wants camp invite from Bobcats

Free-agent forward Antoine Walker is hoping for a training camp invitation from the Bobcats, according to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein. Walker hasn’t played in the NBA for 21 months. Charlotte owner Michael Jordan is a longtime pal of Walker.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The shoulder-shimmy is scheming on a comeback.

After blowing a $120 million dollars and declaring bankruptcy, Antoine Walker is trying to return to the NBA. Word is he dropped 20 pounds. Word is he’s training with Rick Pitino, his former coach at the University of Kentucky and in Boston.

Walker is just 34 years old. Some say he chose to retire early. Others say he was forced out when he arrived at the Miami Heat’s training camp looking like a 6-9 version of Ruben Studdard.

Perhaps there’s still time for a happy ending. Perhaps there’s a reserve role for him somewhere. Maybe he makes Charlotte. Maybe he showcases his game at the Bobcats’ training camp and finds a home elsewhere.

Walker always had talent to spare and potential to burn. Even when an All-Star with the Celtics, there was a feeling he could do more. 

Sadly, the versatile forward had to hit rock bottom to realize how lucky he was and how good he had it. 

–Oly Sandor.

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