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Small market Bobcats had to waive Dampier

"We explored several trade possibilities involving Erick, but ultimately we have been unable to find a viable option that we felt made our team better," general manager Rod Higgins said. "Out of respect to Erick, we have decided to release him at this time so he may pursue opportunities with other teams prior to training camp."
HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: They had to do it.

The Charlotte Bobcats had a dilemma with Erick Dampier: they could trade his voidable contract for a player or waive him and get under the luxury tax.

Translation: they could improve their basketball team or improve their bottom line.

In the end, Charlotte waived Dampier. After all, the Bobcats are a small market team. The area has been especially hard hit by The Recession, meaning Team Jordan is struggling to generate revenue through selling tickets and luxury suites.

Waiving Dampier allows Charlotte to get under the luxury tax. And it will play a small part in helping to stabilize one of the league’s most troubled franchises.

–Oly Sandor.

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