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Report: Magic and Mavericks not interested in Gilbert Arenas?

The framework of a trade that would have sent Arenas to Orlando in exchange for Vince Carter was discussed, but the cost and length of the former’s contract caused Magic general manager Otis Smith to pass on the deal. Dallas also thought about pursuing Arenas, but nothing materialized. 


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Gilbert Arenas is stuck with the Washington Wizards. Or the Washington Wizards are stuck with Gilbert Arenas.

It’s a matter of perspective.

Regardless, the Clint Eastwood of the NBA and the club formerly known as the Bullets better accept that they’re tied at the hip. In sickness and in health; for better of worse; until death do them part; or until guaranteed contract can be traded.    

So suck it up. Make it work. There is no other option for player and team.

After all, no team will trade for a combo guard who has missed the last few seasons with knee injuries and legal troubles, especially when his multi-year contract is equal to the GDP of a third world nation.

Arenas can talk publicly about ‘moving on’. The Wizards can take a call or two asking about their former franchise face.

Truth is, even the Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic – two franchises who aren’t afraid of risks like Arenas – are taking a wait-and-see approach.

There is one solution: Arenas performs. For instance, suppose he performs well. Very quickly, a trade market will develop. If not, he’ll be in Washington long-term –or until his contract has trade value to teams in need of cap relief.

Still, Arenas will never be the player who averaged 30 points per game. And he’ll never be the guy who calmly sank a playoff buzzer-beater over Kirk Hinrich and the Chicago Bulls.

Arenas can still be a very useful scorer for Washington. All parties involved better realize this. And soon.

Like it or not, Arenas isn’t going anywhere.

–Oly Sandor.

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