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Jonny Flynn to Michael Beasley: ‘be that Mike Beasley that I remember’

He has averaged 32.6 points a game — the most prolific five-game stretch in team history next only to Kevin Garnett’s 34.4 average in 2000 — since he and Jonny Flynn ordered room service at a Sacramento hotel nine days ago.
"We were talking about AAU ball, high school, about how it used to be," Beasley said. "It was a long conversation and then there was an awkward moment for like three seconds and he (jonny Flynn) just came out and said, ‘Man, you got to be that Mike Beasley that I remember growing up.’ "


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Good for Jonny Flynn.

The second year point guard reminded Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Michael Beasley that he possesses the skill-set to be a superstar.

In The MIA, Beasley was mostly, well, MIA. He struggled with off-court issues. He couldn’t find his rhythm next to Dwyane Wade. And many nights he resembled a lost rookie.

Enter Minnesota.

Beasley is the undisputed first-option, and his numbers show he’s making the most of the opportunity. Gone are the distractions of South Beach. Gone is the pressure of being a second overall pick.

It’s just basketball. Like when he was growing up.

–Oly Sandor.

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