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Jamal Crawford on signing with Knicks:“I would definitely listen”

A Knicks-Crawford reunion is possible. Crawford is due to become a free agent next summer, and the Hawks have been hesitant about offering an extension.

The Knicks will have cap room again when Eddy Curry, Crawford’s close friend, comes off the books, and. Their primary target will be Carmelo Anthony. But they have a clear need at shooting guard.

“I would definitely listen,” Crawford said.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It was not the time to discuss a reconciliation.

There is a special connection between Jamal Crawford and New York City. Knick fans remember him as the bright light during the dark Isiah Thomas era, while Crawford loved playing at Madison Square Gardens.

However, after a soaring start, Crawford’s Atlanta Hawks are 4-6 in their past ten games. Worst of all, the Hawks are below .500 (4-5) at home.

So the combo guard shouldn’t be thinking about his contract expiring on July 1st. And the combo guard shouldn’t be thinking about signing with MSG because the Hawks haven’t offered an extension.

Crawford should be thinking about one thing: right now. Right now, Atlanta is struggling. And right now, they need their top reserve to produce.

If Crawford does that, Atlanta and New York won’t be the only teams interested in his services next summer. 

–Oly Sandor.

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