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Quitter-Gate: Where do Pistons and Hamilton go from here?

"Nah, the biggest thing that hurt me was a source in the organization said I quit," Hamilton said in reference to a Detroit News report.

"I was like, wow," he continued. "That was hard for me because the last nine years I just went out and played hard, played aggressive, did put everything on the line every night. To hear that allegation, it was tough on me."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It doesn’t matter if he actually quit because perception is reality. And the perception is that Richard Hamilton quit on the Detroit Pistons.

One thing that doesn`t need much perceiving is that the relationship between Hamilton and the Pistons is broken beyond repair.

A trade is the obvious answer. Hamilton would spend his final years perhaps playing meaningful basketball for a contender, while the Pistons would free up minutes for their youngsters.

The obvious answer isn’t the easy answer. Executive Joe Dumars will be hard pressed to move his masked man at the two-spot.

Hamilton has two-years remaining on his contract at a whooping $25 million. This is too rich for most clubs, especially with the Collective Bargaining Agreement expiring July 1st.

The few contenders that could afford Hamilton have better options. After all, cash is king in today`s polarized NBA of have and have-not franchises.

Of course, Hamilton’s reputation hasn’t helped. During Detroit’s days as a contender, the rail thin sharpshooter was seen as competitive.

At some point his competitive streak became a problem. For instance, Hamilton clashed with former Coach Michael Curry and has issues with current sideline boss John Kuester. His relationship with Allen Iverson wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, either.

Still, Hamilton and the Pistons should kiss and make-up. No trade is coming. These two will likely be together for some time.

–Oly Sandor.

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