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Video: Barnes ‘accidentally’ tosses Stotts; fan rushes court; tempers flare between Lakers and Mavs’

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers were setting the tone for a possible playoff showdown.

Team Cuban currently sits at third in the Western Conference, while the purple-and-gold are second, trailing the league-leading San Antonio Spurs.

One game separated these two teams in the standings. They still could have swapped places; home-court advantage in the playoffs was at stake.

Not surprisingly, there was extra juice to Thursday’s game between the Mavericks and Lakers. Not surprisingly, tempers flared.

Initially, Jason Terry and Steve Blake got into it due to a late shove from The Jet. Matt Barnes, previously known as The Mohawk, defended Blake and got tangled with Mavericks assistant coach Terry Stotts.

Stotts was restraining Barnes, but the tattooed swing ‘accidentally’ threw the peacemaker to the floor, which angered Mavericks Brian Cardinal and Tyson Chandler.

Then a Laker fan rushed the Mavericks’ bench. It was madness at The Staples Center.

Bottom line: let’s hope these teams meet in the playoffs. It would be quite the match-up.

Watch the clip below and get at us with thoughts on Thursday night fight club at the Staples Center.

(Was Barnes’ toss of Stott really an ‘accident’?)

–Oly Sandor.

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