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Unlike Nelly and Usher, Jay-Z passionate NBA owner

t only does Jigga have more Grammy Awards than any NBA owner, he’s also more involved than these “so-called” celebrity minority owners, according to Nets GM Billy King.

“I think a lot of those so-called guys that have parts of teams, they vanish,” King said. “There was one in Cleveland, what was his name? Usher. They haven’t seen him. I think Nelly in (Charlotte) – haven’t seen him. But Jay-Z, I think players see that it’s more of a passion for him, not just something he’s involved in.”


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He’s better than Nelly and Usher. We’re talking minority owners, not music.

Word is Jay-Z, who has a small stake in the New Jersey Nets, is the top celebrity owner in the NBA.  Unlike Nelly, who is linked to the Charlotte Bobcats, and Usher, who has a percentage in the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jay-Z is actively involved.

This is hardly a surprise. Jay-Z is comfortable in both the boardroom and studio.

Remember, he was a key cog for Rocafella Records and clothes, and was once the head suit for legendary music label Def Jam Records. Over time, he has amassed a personal fortune of close to $400 million.

And Jay-Z is serious about his Nets. He’s involved in recruiting free agents, the new Brooklyn stadium, and all other aspects of the team. He does far more than show-up and sit courtside.

Expect Jay-Z to be a part of the turnaround with New Jersey.

–Oly Sandor.

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