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Rumor: D’Antoni losing Knick players?

One player said Chauncey Billups, especially after he got injured, did far more coaching on the bench and in the huddle during the playoffs than (Mike) D’Antoni, and "made a helluva lot more sense." In private, the Suns veterans — excluding Steve Nash, perhaps — similarly degrade D’Antoni.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, the two teams in the NBA Finals, have shown that defense still wins championships.
Now run-and-gun offensive schemes entertain. Fans love it. And players post highs in points and assists. Then the regular season ends. And the playoffs begin.
In the playoffs, Coach Mike D’Antoni’s ‘Seven Seconds Or Less’ scheme gets exposed. The tempo slows; each possession matters.  
D’Antoni’s players soon realize they can’t win, or even be serious contenders, with his offensive approach. When on the sideline in Phoenix, his Suns could never get a key stop.
Steve Nash aside, he lost his players.
The same appears to be happening with the New York Knicks. The players are tired of the gimmicks and song-and-dance. They want to win. And now.
Winning comes through getting-stops. Not out-scoring opponents. So D’Antoni may get another short-term contract, but he won’t be on the sideline if the Knicks go deep in the playoffs.
For that, they’ll need a coach who values what players do in their own end.
–Oly Sandor.

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