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Should Dallas Mavericks retire Jason Terry’s jersey?

And during Thursday’s celebration at the American Airlines Center, Terry hinted he’d like one more thing before he goes: "Brad Davis, Ro Blackman, move over, there’s new jerseys coming to town." As Terry has mentioned many times before, he always wanted to retire with the Mavericks and, if the Mavericks won the title, have his No. 31 jersey retired. With a championship under his belt, he very well could get his wish.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Should the Dallas Mavericks retire Jason Terry’s jersey?

Well, Terry thinks so. The star sixth-man had no issue telling the Mavericks faithful his jersey belongs in the rafters next to franchise great Rolando Blackman and fan favourite Brad Davis.

Terry is right. His jersey should be retired. And it likely will.

He was an integral part of a championship team. For years, he started at point guard. He also accepted a shift to the bench, where he evolved into an excellent reserve.

However, retiring a jersey is sacred. Much depends on the emotional connection a franchise has to that player. Much also depends on the owner.

So it’s far from an exact science. Consider the Mavericks. Brad Davis has his jersey retired, but Derek Harper and Mark Aguirre do not.

Davis was a serviceable reserve who struck a chord with the club. Harper, an excellent point guard, and Aguirre, a terrific scorer, were better players than Davis, but failed to connect in the same way with fans or ownership.

There’s also the matter of grace. Predicting that Mark Cuban, or whoever owns the team when Terry`s playing days end, will retire his jersey is presumptuous.

`This isn’t the same as Terry getting a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy on his bicep. Sporting championship ink is a team goal; retiring a jersey is an individual goal.

Over the last few years, Terry has done so much right. He needs to dial back the rhetoric, enjoy the moment, and pick his words carefully.

Even if he deserves to have his jersey hanging next to Blackman and Davis in the rafters.

–Oly Sandor.

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