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Is Jimmer Fredette Sacramento’s Saviour?

The Sacramento Kings haven’t started winning just yet, but they already got that second part down.  According to, the Kings have already sold more tickets than they did all last season.  One undeniable reason for that: Jimmer.

The biggest name in the entire draft is already making a difference to a team that has just one more year to prove that it can survive in Sacramento.  That probably isn’t the primary reason the Kings selected Jimmer at No. 10, but it’s definitely a nice bonus.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: No rookie should have the saviour tag. They should focus on learning the pro game and adjusting off-court.

Many talented college players have failed to realize their full potential in the pro ranks. Their game may not translate. Or, they love The Life: money, nightclubs, celebrity.

The Sacramento Kings are clearly nuts for anointing first year pro Jimmer Fredette their saviour. After all, Fredette isn’t just The White Knight on-court, but he’s supposed to renew connections with fans off-court.

Now the Kings aren’t just bad on-the-court, they’re dysfunctional. However, they have bigger issues off-court. Ownership nearly moved the club to Anaheim before the NBA forced them back to Sacramento.

Fredette isn’t just walking into this soap opera, he’s being asked to solve it. Management admitted he was drafted, in part, because he sells tickets.

So there’s no pressure, right?

The current situation shows just how the Kings have slipped. Not long ago, they were the class of the NBA on and off court.

Desperate times, desperate measures. And if Fredette fails, there will be plenty of blame to go around.

–Oly Sandor.

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