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Brandon Jennings: ‘It’s time to become an All-Star’

"Next year will be my third year and I need to establish myself as one of the best point guards and one of the best players in the game. It’s just trying to get better and better every day. Working with Scott Skiles (before the lockout), getting in the weight room, dedicating the summer to strictly basketball. It’s going to be my third year, so it’s time to become an all-star."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Did it do more harm than good?

Eighteen months ago, Brandon Jennings was the talk of the NBA. His first month in the league was full of highlights, assists, and a 55-point game.

Suddenly, the Milwaukee Bucks were relevant. Expectations soared for Jennings, a high profile point guard who skipped college and played professionally in Italy for one season.

Last year, Jennings got exposed. His shot selection was poor; his finish at the rim weak. Many believed Luke Ridnour, a veteran backup, was better at running the half-court offense.

It was obvious: Jennings got too much too soon. And he didn’t know how to respond when defenses adjusted after to his early success.

Jennings deserves credit for checking his ego, setting goals, and putting in work. He also deserved credit for using Scott Skiles, the Bucks` taskmaster coach, as a resource before the lockout.

After all, Skiles is old school. He won’t tell Jennings what he wants to hear. And he’ll challenge his young point guard –just not like he did with Shaquille O`Neal so many years ago.

How many 22-year olds would have the maturity to do that? Most would ignore their hard-as-nails sideline boss and hire ‘their guy’ to serve as personal trainer.

Perhaps Jennings takes a significant step next year. Perhaps not. But it won’t be for lack of effort or trying.

–Oly Sandor.

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