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Memo to Dwight Howard: Win Something. Get Love and Respect.

“I really think we get no love at all, to be honest. But that’s ok. We want to be respected by the teams we play and that’s the only thing that matters. The media can pick whoever they want to win the title, but the team that wins the title is the team that plays. The media doesn’t play a game. I’m pretty sure nobody thought that the Dallas Mavericks were ever going to win the title this year. 


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s the latest sign, he’s not ready.

Dwight Howard’s complaints that the media don’t show his Orlando Magic ‘love’ reveals much about his head space. He’s still immature. He’s still unfocused. He’s still incapable of leading the Magic to a championship.

Howard shouldn’t concern himself with the opinions of print guys, Net writers, radio shock-jocks, or TV crews. Such opinions are irrelevant and don’t matter.

The opinions of teammates, coaches, and club executives are relevant and do matter. But Howard hasn’t been overly concerned with the guys he goes to war with, speaking out about a lack of consultation on last year’s in-season makeover.

However, Howard should know one thing about the media: we show ‘love’ to winners. Superstar who can’t get out the first-round against a good but hardly Atlanta side receive little ‘love’ –and with good reason.

So Howard should win something. Then, if it still matters, the love, praise, and accolades will follow.

–Oly Sandor.

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