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David Stern and Billy Hunter: Masters of Posturing

NBA commissioner David Stern will not collect on his eight-figure salary during the ongoing lockout, according to sources with knowledge of Stern’s pay status.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: August isn’t the time to blink. Not when the owners haven’t written a cheque. And not when the players haven’t missed a cheque.

So Commissioner Stern and the owners have gone to court and accused the union of negotiating in bad faith. And Union Head Billy Hunter has responded by saying the owners are negotiating in bad faith.

Now The Commish is refusing to take a salary while the league is locked-out, which is quite the ‘sacrifice’ given the amount he’s earned over his career. 

It’s all posturing for what is to follow. Games will be at risk if the next set of negotiations fail. But that’s in a month or so.

The charade can continue in early August. The owners and players have sufficient time to stand, point, and blame. And the only people smiling are, of course, the lawyers.

–Oly Sandor.

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