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Kendrick Perkins claims ‘innocence’ in nightclub brawl

In a press released obtained by 12 News HD, Beaumont attorney Langston Scott Adams says, quote "Mr. Perkins has maintained his innocence to the charges and is recovering at home with family suffering from injuries he received during the incident."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Well, every story has two sides, I guess.

Kendrick Perkins claims he was an innocent bystander and sustained injuries during a brawl at a nightclub in Beaumont, Texas, and in no way instigated the incident.

Perhaps the Oklahoma City Thunder center is innocent. Perhaps not.

Regardless, nothing good happens at 3 am. As a professional, as someone who claims to be serious about his craft, Perkins can’t be out all hours of the night.

Especially when considering Perkins had a charitable event the next day, an event he organized with children and teenagers where he was hoping to present himself and other NBA stars as models to follow.

Sorry Perk’. Innocent or not, you’re guilty of bad judgment.

–Oly Sandor.

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